The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Physical Access Control Systems

As with many industries, the world of Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) has been evolving during this global pandemic, but not always in the ways you would expect. Of course, the need for physical security has never been greater, but it is also very fluid in these times when large portions of the workforce are staying home at any given time. The use of biometric technology in physical access control is embraced more and more, especially for highly sensitive locations, bringing along additional challenges in areas of efficiency, privacy, etc. But it is the convergence with mobile technology that is also leading to new applications and use cases in the world of physical access control.
The most obvious use case is Mustering. In cases of evacuation due to any type of incident, it is critical to quickly perform a roll call and identify all present employees, contractors, and visitors as soon as possible. A mobile device can rapidly read ID badges and validate anyone present at the muster point, much faster and more effectively than pen and paper. That data can be aggregated in real time to create an integrated view of all evacuees, which can be critical in times of real emergencies.

Occasionally, the safety benefits of automated mustering are not enough for businesses to justify the investment required in mobile access control systems. However, other use cases are now becoming equally as popular to help build the case. These applications are driven by the need for added flexibility and mobility around the deployment of physical access control points. Due to the pandemic, remote checkpoints are often established at property entrances or outside buildings to screen personnel before entry. These same checkpoints can now be used to verify credentials and issue badges to visitors, contractors, etc.

The same requirements for flexibility can be seen in a number of other applications. Businesses that are using temporary or shared office locations can use mobile devices to control employee access without complicated system integration work. The same can be said for remote work locations such as yards, warehouses, and temporary worksites. Hopefully soon we will see a full return to corporate events such as offsite meetings or training events, which can also be managed in a similar, easy manner. Finally, any employee transportation associated with the business such as shuttle buses or carpooling can be safely and securely managed using mobile access control devices.

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As the impact of the pandemic on businesses continues to be felt, the need to ensure safety and security of personnel and property has never been higher.
The growing trends of flexible working times and locations, drive the requirements for flexible access control systems to handle complex situations.
Coppernic’s mobility solution for physical access control, CopperAccess, helps companies find quick and easy solutions to deploying rugged handheld devices for a number of access control use cases.

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