Mobile solutions
for biometric


Mobile solutions for biometric identity

Coppernic provides Mobile Solutions for Biometric Identity Applications

Biometric Identity Systems are critical in areas such as Secure Document Authentication or Border Control programs such as the EU Entry-Exit-System, as well as Law Enforcement Identity solutions and Military Biometric applications. Secure Biometric Elections and other Civil ID applications are beginning to roll out in various countries. Many of these systems have requirements for Mobile Biometric Identity Solutions. Coppernic provides a portfolio of devices – from biometric enrollment tablets, to identity authentication devices to police handheld terminals. Our mobile biometric middleware enables biometric registration handheld devices or mobile identity authentication devices to be deployed quickly and simply.


& Use Cases in Biometrics

Mobile Devices for Identity

View our portfolio of rugged mobile identity handhelds designed especially for identity applications. Our products support secure authentication of identity documents with mobile passport reading as well as other ID documents (NFC, Barcode, etc). All our devices support fingerprint recognition as well as face or Iris recognition.
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Mobility Experience

Coppernic designs fit-for-purpose, ‘mobility-first’ rugged devices – not modified consumer products.
They are designed with all the key mobility requirements in mind (Security, Mobile Device Management / Deployment, Battery Life, Ergonomics, Support & Repair)
Coppernic - Access ER e-ID

Global Solutions for Biometric Identification

Our CopperID software suite provides a ‘kickstart’ approach to quickly and easily deploy Mobile Identity Solutions. Whether it is a standalone system or part of a larger identity/ABIS solution, the Coppernic software and services can get you started quickly for POCs, technology trials, beta tests or first system installations.
Coppernic provides OSIA compatible solution and we are a supporting partner of the MOSIP Identity Platform.

Our solutions provide all the basic functions of Mobile Identity Management

  • ENROLMENT / REGISTRATION | Recording and storing the biographic and biometric information of individuals
  • VERIFICATION (1:1) | Secure Verification of Biometric Data against a previous enrolment
  • IDENTIFICATION  (1:N) | Secure capture of identity information for a database search
  • CONTROL (1:D) | Secure Identification of Biometric Data against an ID document

Case Studies

Identity control, Biometrics & Authentication

Biometric verification of voters

72.000 Coppernic Biometric Verification terminals deployed in Ghana.

Access Control & IDentification

A successful collaboration with our american partner to equip Coast Guards.

Mobile Enrollment BackPack Kit

A complete enrollment kit optimized for extreme remote locations.

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