Mobility solutions – smartphone, pda or tablets for professionals

A considerable number of field operators use mobile communication terminals (Smartphones, PDAs or tablets) to validate transport tickets, authenticate personal identities by comparing fingerprints with biometric passports, control access, strengthen food safety by tracking livestock… Coppernic’s business is to design, manufacture, implement and maintain a range of tablets and PDAs perfectly tailored to the specific needs of each of these business sectors.
Coppernic Mobility


Public transport

Controlling, selling, validating tickets and issuing fines to offenders are challenges faced by all public transport players, whether they are ticketing system suppliers or transport network operators.


Secure ID & KYC

The 16th goal for sustainable development adopted by the UN in September 2015 and entitled “Peace, justice and strong institutions” stipulates that by 2030, all states must provide a legal identity for all their nationals. Over 1.5 billion people are currently treated as “invisible” because their identity or even their existence has never been recorded.
Coppernic Access Control


Access control

To address the high level of threats facing many countries, it has become essential to implement increasingly reliable and secure access control systems to protect our client’s buildings and high-security sites.


Placée sous l’égide de l’EdE (Établissement de l’Élevage), l’IPG (Identification Pérenne Généralisée) est une obligation réglementaire destinée à assurer la traçabilité historique et géographique des animaux d’élevage (bovins, ovins, caprins, porcins) de la naissance de l’animal jusqu’à la commercialisation de la viande.

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