Connected Data: connected data & traceability solutions

Coppernic has acquired extensive experience in the successful deployment of complex systems for its customers of all sizes. Today, we are ready to propose ever more elaborate solutions and services to facilitate and improve the implementation and operation of their projects. With “Connected Data”, Coppernic positions itself as an Expert Integrator that takes full responsibility for all the facets of your projects. This concept consists of: :
  • Proposing hardware and software products that are the most powerful and the best adapted to your needs, your professional constraints and your IT architecture. These products will be selected both from our catalogue and those of our best partners.
  • Providing you with support for each phase of your project with complete services for :
  • installation, configuration, commissioning and project follow-up until delivery ;
  • supervision, support and services throughout the lifecycle of the project.
Coppernic Connected Data

Connected Data

Industrial Traceability

For over ten years, Coppernic has been recognised for its expertise in installing automatic identification systems based on RFID technology for its industrial customers.

Connected Data

Fleet management

Fuel savings, the adaptation of driver behaviour, the management of field data, the reduction of maintenance costs, etc., all these subjects are at the heart of the optimised fleet management.
Coppernic Connected Data
Coppernic Connected Data

Connected Data

Identity and security of citizens

Whether already existing, under development or in the project stage, large biometric databases have become essential to reinforce public security or to improve the situation of hundreds of millions of people who have no access to economic, social, political or cultural activities because they lack a legal identity.

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