“High security” mobile solutions

To address the high level of threats facing many countries, it has become essential to implement increasingly reliable and secure access control systems to protect our client’s buildings and high-security sites.

Our mobile access control terminals, which are equipped with the best readers from the global industry leaders (HID, NXP, ASK), are an essential and effective companion to the “standard” fixed systems.

  • Available RFID modules :
  • Honeywell 1D-2D reader
  • CE – FCC
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • DESFire
  • Removable battery
  • Honeywell 1D-2D reader
  • Web platform for recording access rights
  • Mobile application on C-One
  • Badge and mustering verification
  • Compatible LENEL - GENETEC - TYCO - AMAG


The latest addition to the range, Access is Coppernic’s new multi-application mobile PDA.

With its modern and compact design and its wide range of features, this professional mobile terminal has been designed to respond to sectors such as access control or secure identification.

Equipped with powerful technological components that offer excellent performance, Access has “Pogo Pin” connectors located at the back of the terminal to meet all your business needs (UHF RFID module, iris sensor, temperature sensor, etc.).

The integration of a Secure Element associated with an additional SAM make it an ultra-secure terminal for the data captured and / or transmitted to the Host.

Access is an ideal PDA for all your requirements for real-time identification of secure identity documents (identity verification, border control, etc.). It can easily answer the problems of Identity Management with its NFC module, facial recognition via its camera and the possibility of iris recognition through an additional sensor.

It also has all the technical characteristics for the problems of the mobile access control sector: hosting and protection of sensitive data, compatibility with the main software solutions of this sector which interface perfectly with the various market leaders Security Centers.

Access is a product designed to support your teams on all fields.

The C-One2 HF iCLASS | LF Prox

The C-One2 is the ideal mobile solution for controlling an individual’s access rights at anytime and anywhere. It can be equipped with each of the RFID modules mentioned below:

HF | LF Legic

These modules are today essential references in the access control sector. With this panel of RFID readers perfectly integrated into C-One², our PDA is able to read almost all access cards on the market and guarantees very high levels of security.


Thanks to the NXP component embedded into its motherboard, the C-five can be used to read MIFARE and DESFire cards. It is more specifically used for access control to dumps, incinerators and landfills.

Its 5-inch wide screen and autonomy make it a very popular mobile solution with operators.

Equipped with a powerful 2D Honeywell reader, it can read all types of 1D/2D codes and thereby control waste collector access to the various sites.

The ATEX Zone 2 certified version of this terminal will be highly appreciated for controlling access to potential explosive hazard industrial sites.

Technical Specifications

Mobile Applications


Company, specialized in technological solutions related to security – access control software – Alutel Mobility has teamed up with Coppernic to offer a global mobile solution for badge verification and effective management of emergency evacuations (Mustering). The Alutel Mobility software solution implemented in our C-One² interfaces perfectly with the Security Center solution of GENETECMC, LENEL and AMAG.

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Thanks to Managed Services, Coppernic can assist you and make its leading specialists available to your teams in order to successfully integrate its solutions and processes with the systems existing in your company. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide you with a quick response tailored to your needs.

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