Coppernic launches Access-ER – A new product line

A complete product suite with high performance RFID and fingerprint capture options for a number of market-specific applications.

22 June 2022 – Paris, Coppernic has publicly announced the launch of their extended rugged handheld product line named Access-ER. Building off their established Access handheld device, Coppernic has incorporated several new data capture modules to address a wide variety of markets and applications.

The Access-ER device is distinctly recognizable by the ‘extended read’ area at the top of the device, designed to provide high-performance RFID reading capability. Whether they are transit tickets, identity cards, RFID tags or payment cards, the ER design ensures fast and accurate reading in all environments.

Our design approach has always been to choose the best technology modules available on the market”, explained Marc Piepers, CTO of Coppernic. “Once you have done that, you want to make sure that they are implemented in a manner to maximize their capabilities. That is what led us to the Access-ER design, which enables high performance in an ergonomic form factor”.

Coppernic announced six new product variants which will address customer applications across their three business units. “For our Public Transportation business, we have introduced a CEN/TS 16794 compliant device for ticket inspection and mobile sales,” announced Kevin Lecuivre, Managing Director of Coppernic. “For Mobile Identity applications, we support a FAP30 fingerprint sensor option and three different reader choices for Access Control ID card reading. Finally, for our Asset tracking or logistics and traceability customers we have introduced an integrated UHF RFID handheld device.

During workshops at the launch event, Coppernic staff demonstrated how the new Access-ER devices are integrated into Coppernic’s software and integration offerings for Mobile Biometric Identification, Physical Access Control Systems, Public Transportation ticketing control, with their advanced deployment and security options. The new product family will be supported by the industry leading Coppernic service and support team, located in France and around the world.

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Coppernic designs, produces, and deploys professional-grade handheld devices for use with control and traceability applications including Public Transportation Ticketing, Mobile Biometric Identification, Mobile Access Control and the Traceability of Goods & Materials. We have successfully deployed and supported mobile device systems ranging from 1 to over 10,000 devices in a wide variety of markets. We provide comprehensive support packages and expertise in mobile security, data connectivity, mobile device management and analytics. 

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