Common Vocabulary in Mobile Biometric Industry

From Automated Biometric Information System (ABIS) to Deduplication to Watchlist; or organizations such as ICAO, MOSIP or OSIA;
the terminology in the world of Mobile Biometric Solutions can be confusing.

Coppernic has put together a short list of common vocabulary that you can refer to in order to better understand this industry.


Automated Biometric Identification System: biometric database for identification purpose


Automated Fingerprint Identification System: ABIS supports fingerprints only


In the local or remote database sense


Connection status between mobile client and remote server: Online/Offline/Sometimes Connected


1:1 comparison of biometric data capture with document recording

Android application for IDP FAP50, IDP FAP20, Access ER Danno

CopperID Server

Web application to create CopperID Mobile and Server user accounts, and collect data captured by CopperID Mobile


Search for possible duplicates in a biometric database. Requires an adjudication interface to compare candidate duplicates and choose the action to be taken.


Document containing biographical and biometric data (passport, badge, license, card, etc.)


Collection of biographical and biometric data for registration in a database

Biometric file format

Several formats are used, including FBI EBTS, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-20xx and STANAG 4715…

International Civil Aviation Organization, which, among other things, defined the standards for passports and e-passports (i.e. the face in the photo, mandatory data, MRZ format, chip coding, etc.).


1:N search based on biometric data capture (1 – 4 – 10 FP, iris, face, mixed…) and search for matches scored in a database

ISO/IEC 19794-n

ISO standard for n-modality biometrics (-4:FP, -5: face, -6:iris)

Modular Open Source Identity Platform: Open Source product enabling the creation of a fundamental identity system for implementing services based on biometric identification (civil status, voting, retirement, social security, etc.).

Open Source Identification APIs: standardized APIs for interfacing biometric systems


1:1 comparison of a biometric data capture with a base record


Database of records of particular interest. Base distinct from the main database (either an extract or from a completely different source)