Sea container handling

Sea Container Handling

An electronic brain for reliable cargo handling

It is as a result of specifications laid down by the major maritime transporters that Coppernic has developed and deployed a unique solution which enables the optimum and dependable conveyance of millions of containers loaded and off-loaded daily to dockside storage parks in major ports throughout the world.

The component hardware elements are installed into the cabin of the handling vehicles to be driven. (Straddle carriers, RTG, etc.)

On-board this consists of a robust, high-end tablet or Panel PC, linked to a highly accurate D-GPS (decimetric) receiver and to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) of the container handling equipment. The software component of the package, entirely developed by Coppernic, is installed on the on-site server which supports TOS (Terminal Operating System).

It guarantees :

The container unloaded from the ship will be deposited at the chosen location and logged with the TOS.
The container collected from the dockside storage park for on-board loading is actually that as indicated by the TOS.


The Coppernic Solution

Eliminates precious time wasted in searching for missing containers and also negates the risk of errors at the time of loading.

It is built around :

coeur battant

The beating heart of the on-board package

A sturdy and powerful on-board computer (tablet or panel PC) that affords dock-workers the most efficient equipment available. Connected to D-GPS and to the PLC.


An ultra-precise DGPS infrastructure

A high-end embedded receiver coupled with a dockside pivotal tracker indicates the position of the container handling equipment with decimetric precision… indispensable to the exact functioning of the package.


Software… ‘Made in Coppernic’

Interfaced with D-GPS, the PLC, and the on-site TOS, this application significantly increases the reliability of loading/off-loading to and from the dockside storage park.