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How to set up optimized mobile identification in companies?

How to set up optimized mobile identification in companies?

The industrial mobile terminal plays an increasingly important place in business. It serves both to improve a company’s overall productivity, to better understand the customer and to serve as a key to identifying a person. However, for optimal use of these mobile solutions, a security strategy must be thought out. Coppernic, your mobile solutions provider, explains you today, how to work and optimize your mobile strategy for security and performance.

Why is mobile identification a hot topic in business?

Thanks to the NICTs (new information and communication technologies), business processes are more flexible and faster. From now on, each employee has his own mobile terminal as a working tool. While these terminals significantly soften the process, the flip side is that data protection has never been such a central theme in business. A company, regardless of the size of the company and its nature, may face the problem of data theft and hacking. Mobile identification is therefore more than ever at the heart of a company’s security strategy.

How to optimize your mobile solution strategy?

A mobile security strategy is an operation to implement on many levels. First, it is imperative to set up a fleet of mobile users: Who will have access to mobile devices? Which mobile device manufacturer to choose? What will be the function of these terminals? Are they used for professional purposes but also for recreational purposes …. To optimize its use, it is possible to limit access to certain sites / applications. Several security settings are thus possible: terminal access code, access control, non-usable site parks, connection possible only in secure spaces. Whether you’re talking about a tablet, PDA or just a mobile phone, the security and authentication strategy needs to work at all levels.

Why choose Coppernic as a mobile solution provider?

Coppernic develops mobility solutions based on data security and people authentication. It is from this dual vision that Coppernic offers a wide range of industrial mobile terminal solutions.
Whatever your industry, you’ll find a tablet or mobile device that fits your strategy. Find for example the C-one2 HF ASK, terminal for public transport and access control. The C-one2 e-ID HF Elyctis terminal is dedicated to biometric identification and authentication of secure documents.
The Platform XD ID is dedicated to KYC (Know Your Customer). Each of the products in the Coppernic range is based on the versatility of use as well as the improvement of management in the company. Indeed, data collected by mobile devices is a strategic issue, especially in the customer relationship.
If you have any questions regarding our solution offer, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +33 (0) or by email at, our team of experts will be pleasure to answer you.