2019 Coppernic review


Change of visual identity, redesign of the website, participation in trade fairs, launch of new products, numerous business trips to Africa in particular … 2019 was a busy year at Coppernic in terms of projects and actions carried out.
To celebrate its 10 years of existence, Coppernic decided in June 2019 to change its visual identity. The idea being to stick as well as possible to its new areas of strategic activity, and therefore to launch a new website linked with this new graphic charter.


In addition, Coppernic launched new innovative products. For example, the ID Platform FAP50 biometric tablet, unveiled at the ID4AFRICA show in which Coppernic participated in June 2019 in Johannesburg.
This month was definitely a pivotal month. It was also during this month that Coppernic participated in the Parkopolis fair. The latter allowed us to present the innovations of the CopperPark solution in collaboration with Genetec.

At the start of 2020, the time has come to take stock of the actions implemented and initiated by Coppernic. Kevin Lecuivre, CEO of the company, answered our questions.

It was a busy year for Coppernic. From your director’s point of view, what were the highlights between the various events in which the company participated, the new visual identity, the new products…?

Indeed, 10 years is a real turning point and a real pride in the history of a company. These are 10 years of entrepreneurial, human adventure, made of challenges often successfully met. Sometimes in trouble too. But this is what makes the richness and history of a company like ours. It was time to change our visual identity to assert our market positioning. It has been considerably simplified and thus made more visible to the eyes of our customers and partners. Today Coppernic is adorned with three main areas of expertise that we develop on a daily basis: Mobility, Connected Data and Analytics. Three strategic sectors that project us into a new era and turn the page on the first 10 years.

Coppernic’s new identity has also confirmed its positioning with the new baseline and the various business sectors. How has it been received by the company’s customers and has it enabled potential prospects to better identify our activities?

Our customers and partners immediately embraced this new positioning. This one is clearer and more ambitious too. In fact, with this baseline, we are reaffirming our unique positioning on the Professional Mobility market. We are an integrative builder. Our major role is to collect field data and make the users of our solutions happy to work with our products. The latter bring real added value to their daily task.

CopperPark, ID Platform FAP50, Coppernic is always in the constant search for innovations and improvements for its solutions. The goal is always to best meet the needs of its markets. How do your teams work to best identify the latest technologies that can be integrated into the mobile solutions offered by Coppernic?

The ID Platform FAP50 is the flagship innovation of 2019. It is a real “Game Changer” in the way of recruiting populations in the field. With this product we are changing the paradigm since it is no longer the people who are moving towards a biometric enrollment center. Indeed, it is the agents who go into contact with the population to enable them to access the various state services.
But this is not the only highlight in terms of R&D. With Connected Data and Analytics, we have innovated enormously. We now offer a turnkey solution for data collection and analysis in the historical sectors we address.

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