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Coppernic announces the launch of its Celsius ID solution.

In the context of the epidemic facing countries worldwide, Coppernic is strengthening its position as a major player in providing innovative solutions to assist companies and establishments with high traffic.

Coppernic unveils its solution for monitoring body temperature and screening individuals to support health requirements related to deconfinement.

Available immediately in France and throughout the world, this secure access control solution with body temperature measurement can be installed quickly, safely and efficiently thanks to its flexibility, mobility and versatility.

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Coppernic - Keypoints

Fast Deployment

Anywhere, anytime. Portable, mobile, fast and flexible. Adaptable to all intended use cases.
Coppernic - Keypoints

One device with multi-purpose

Computer + smartphone + thermometer + identity documents reader or identification accessories (passport, CNI, badge, RFID wristband, ticket, etc).
Coppernic - Keypoints

Real time capture

One key to capture identity attributes, one key to measure body temperature.
Coppernic - Keypoints

Real time collection

With its integrated WiFi and 4G wireless modems, the information is transmitted in real time.
Coppernic - Keypoints

High accuracy in measurement

High performance temperature sensor ensuring a high level of reliability in measurement (+/-0.2°C).
Coppernic - Keypoints

Ease of development

Provide a development interface and professional SDK’s makes it easy to connect with existing systems, to read all kinds of business cards, student cards, etc.

Celsius ID

The Celsius ID solution provides reliable, fast and contactless capture of individuals’ body temperature and key identity data. The portable terminal is equipped with a high-performance temperature sensor that ensures a high level of precision and reliability in measurement (+/- 0.2°C).

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Celsius ID allows for a simplified capture of information: one button for identity data, another to measure body temperature. With its integrated Wi-Fi and 4G wireless modems, the information is transmitted in real time.

The solution is able to read various types of identity documents, badges and wristbands equipped with QR codes, RFID chips, etc., and will support the deconfinement strategies of various densely populated locations thanks to its instant and reliable diagnosis.

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Technical specifications

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Relevant locations


Rapid temperature measurement at the reception of patients in the hospital in order to orient them according to the result of the measurement.


At the entrance to the school or university, measure and record the temperature and identity of the students.

Supermarkets & Shopping Malls

Measuring the body temperature of customers at the entrance to the supermarket to make sure that entrants do not carry the virus.


Measure the temperature of the passengers on landing after landing. In case of high temperature, also read the identity information in the passport. Transfer the record to the database and alert the relevant health authorities.


On entering the company, temperature measurement and reading of the employee card (NFC, barcode) Appropriate measures taken according to the result of the measurement.

Tourist attractions, Concerts & Shows

At the entrance, temperature measurement and reading of the barcode printed on the ticket.

Public transports

Upon entry into the public transport vehicle, temperature measurement and reading of the ticket or transport card (barcode on the ticket or card). Random checks in buses, subways and trains as well as in railway and bus stations.