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The contact reading


A Smartcard is made of a plastic card and a microchip that is capable to store and process information. Smartcards are mainly dedicated to personal identification (ID cards, building access cards, SIM card...), to e-payment (credit card) and to prepaid services subscriptions (phone card, title of transport,...)

Coppernic integrates contact readers in its mobile solutions that require a performing and reliable reading of this type of smart cards.

We have carefully selected the technological partners who will provide us these different readers among the few experienced players of the domain: Amesys, Gemalto, HID, Springcard,…. Each and every of them has deployed millions of readers around the world and have an excellent reputation. This thorough selection allows us to guarantee the high quality and the durability of our solutions as well as a very good level of technical support.

These readers, particularly well known and adapted in mobile e-ticketing and Secure ID sectors have a transfer rate up to 500 kbps and their energy consumption is particularly low.

Our solutions are also detecting insertion and extraction of the smartcard and can operate in a large temperature range, another important criteria for mobile applications.

They are compliant with ISO/IEC 7816 (T=0) and (T=1) and with CCID et PC/SC standards.

The software drivers of these readers are available and automatically recognized by the Windows Operating Systems.

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