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Software development


We support our partners to smoothly integrate our solutions into their mobile applications

The integration of our solutions into global mobile applications may be perceived as complex as it requires a good understanding of the hardware platforms we are using and the technologies we integrate.

To make these integration tasks easier, Coppernic supports the developers of its partners in delivering interface software packages, examples software and documentation. The software team of Coppernic is available to mind about all the problems that may occur during this integration phase and to suggest smart technical solutions.

Coppernic has developed a suite of ActiveX software packages, named CpcFramework. It enables the control and management of:

  • Every key components of our mobile devices
  • The different types of peripherals we integrate into our solutions: fingerprint sensors, RFID and/or Smartcard or magnetic stripe readers, etc….

In order to optimize the power consumption of the terminal and its integrated modules, some smart power management routines have been developed as an essential part of this suite.

Coppernic has also developed a setup program, named CpcSetup that automates all kinds of operations such as:

  • The update of the Operating System
  • The backup and restoration of data
  •  The setup of the application and customization of the configuration.

To allow our partners to adapt this interesting piece of software to their own context, the scripts have been developed in JScript format, they are fully documented and supported by example scripts. If they wish, we can develop and document these scripts.

The package development

The software team of Coppernic offers to develop your mobile applications (excluding « back office ») in the respect of methods and procedures usually called “best practices”.

Detailed requirement analysis

Thanks to our experience in software development, our teams will be able to support and advise you during all the requirement definition phase. The development of a software application on a mobile platform is totally different from the same kind of development on a PC. It brings some new requirements and constraints that have to be considered from the very beginning. The software specification will be based on this common reflexion.

Functional specification

The detailed functional specification of the solution will analyse every functionality of the requirement, and will emphasize the technical and functional constraints of the solution. It will describe in detail each and every development phase and the associated deliverable as well as the delivery schedule.

Validation plan

The validation plan of the solution describes all the test procedures that will be executed before the delivery of the application. The approval of this plan means acceptance and Coppernic commits to develop an application that will be 100% conform to this validation plan and to the functional specification.


Coppernic offers its competences in terms of development languages (C, C++, C#, VB,, Java, Windev, etc….) and its expertise of the major development environments (Visual Studio 2005/2008, Windev Mobile, Mobix, etc….)

This wide panel of skills allows us to develop low level components (drivers, COM component, APIs, SDKs, etc…) as well as very complex applications.

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