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QUATRO: "4 in 1" reader for PC Tablet

QUATRO: "4 in 1" reader for PC Tablet

QUATRO (RFID, SmartCard, OCR, Fingerprint)

The QUATRO “4 in 1” reader has been developed in close collaboration with Gemalto and integrates the 4 major technologies that are requested to efficiently and accurately read the new generation Secure-ID documents: RFID, smartcard, biometrics and OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

The purpose of this product is very well defined: allow the Police forces that are more and more often equipped with in-vehicle PC tablets to read and check the new e-ID documents of the citizens with their on-board computers.

Thanks to its lightweight (0.55 lbs) and its small size (91.3” x 24.4” x 18.1” ), it will be easily mounted on the top of the existing and future tablets: Itronix ix 350 and Xplore IX104C4.

When he will start his mission, the policeman will authenticate with his identification smartcard he will insert into the reader that is protected by an elastomer cover and the matching of his fingerprint. To allow him to read other smartcards (ID cards, e-driving licences, numeric chronotachograph cards, …) along his working day without extracting his own card, we have integrated a second smartcard reader in front of the QUATRO.

The integration of the different modules has been conducted in giving priority to ergonomics, performance, quality and reliability: we have selected the most compact and the most waterproof OCR sensor while the Gemalto RFID and smartcard readers are fully compliant with CCID and PC/SC standards.

It has been designed to make its use as intuitive as possible. A particular focus has been put on its ergonomics and robustness to minimize the mechanical and electronic issues when the product will be intensively used on the field.

Thanks to an integrated accelerometer into the QUATRO, the PC tablet will be readable in landscape or portrait mode.

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