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Public transport : Mobile e-ticketing

Public Transport : Mobile E-Ticketing

Since many years, public transport is a real challenge for modern cities. Increasing awareness about pollution levels combined with ever growing traffic emphasizes the necessity to develop further public transport services. Moving quickly in comfort and safety in our megalopolis can only be achieved via a good public transport. Consequently managing our compatriots travelling patterns to facilitate day-to-day life is a priority for all public transport authorities.

The world of public transport ticketing still bears a lot of differences where edge technologies rub elbows with basic paper tickets. While goals for any public transport organization are identical: transport people on time with comfort and safety, the fare policy are most of the time different. E-ticketing brings a professional answer with a very wide range of fare structures where sales, validations and inspections are made very simple to passengers despite complexity behind curtains. The benefit of recording regular detailed statistical data provides for efficient management.

The control and validation of the tickets

Many transport tickets to inspect

The main task of a ticket inspector is to check and validate the many different types of tickets: printed paper, a magnetic stripe (ISO or Edmonson), a RFID card, a smartcard, a 2D barcode printed on a paper or sent by SMS on the display of a smartphone.

To achieve high rate, simple and reliable inspections, the agent needs a tool that has to be lightweight, compact, with a long battery life and high end reading performance – speed and range - for any kind of tickets .

A lightweight, compact and very aggressive ticket reader

In order to do these ticket inspections, Coppernic has developed a «validator» that integrates the most recent and high performance data capture and wireless communication technologies into the NEO, the smallest and lightest rugged mobile device on the market. With its high capacity battery and« power management » routines specifically developed by Coppernic, we contractually guarantee that the most demanding e-ticketing applications will stay operational for more than 10 hours without changing the battery of the equipment.

Sales, fines and information to passengers

Inspection, but not only...

Beyond the inspection and validation that require multiple efficient data capture systems, the agents are more and more involved in selling tickets, issuing fines but also delivering information related to fares, timetables, destinations and available connections. The success and ROI of these more and more ambitious mobile          e-ticketing projects will mostly depend of the ability to pool all these applications within a single mobile device.

The ticket inspectors will deliver a better service with better and more comprehensive tools

To properly achieve these sales and information tasks, the inspectors must have a high return device, capable to efficiently communicate with central databases via WWAN networks such as 3G or 3G+ and to interface with a portable printer. A large screen is also required to ergonomically display pertinent pieces of information as well as the best possible battery life.

A really different solution, ready to stand up for all kind of benchmarks

To pool all of these needs in the best possible way, Coppernic has designed its top end solutions on an exceptional platform: the Ikôn rugged PDA. Thanks to a smart integration of cutting-edge data capture and wireless communications technologies within the best and the most elegant rugged PDA of the market, we propose an absolutely unique e-ticketing solution and we would genuinely like to be benchmarked against competitive products on each and every major project. A very high capacity battery - 5000 mAh – and some «power management» routines specifically developed by Coppernic allow us to contractually guarantee that the most demanding e-ticketing applications will stay operational for more than 10 hours without changing the battery of the device.

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