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Our Partners

Our Partners

Main Partners

To be able to supply the turnkey mobile solutions our customers are expecting from us, we have selected a few reliable and competent partners who are operating in many different areas. Our role will be to assemble, integrate and operate the sub-assemblies developed by all these partners and to build up a complete high end mobile solution.

Coppernic activities are separated into 2 types of partners : 

Hardware manufacturers 

We rely on our partners to build our solutions. Coppernic technical teams have qualified our partners products as the most reliable and the most rugged on the market .

Vendors of terminals, PDA’s and rugged PC Tablets


Technology suppliers that allow Coppernic to build up their unique solutions :

  • Industrial design and mechanical engineering :  Arrk, Axena, Mitic Equipements, Protomold, Ram Mounts, LTP
  • Design and manufacturing of electronic boards: Cirly, Ermes Flextronics
  • Suppliers of technological components : 3M, Access IS, ASK, Elyctis, Gemalto, Honeywell Imaging, Morpho (Safran Group), Sierra Wireless, Springcard, Tagsys, Triorail, Upek,….

Systems integrators

Most of the largest Coppernic customers rely on integrators and software development companies specialized in setting up and deploying complete solutions that include a mobile section. In this case, Coppernic takes care of all the aspects related to the mobile applications.

Among these integrators, we can name :

  • Multi-sectors integrators :


  • Public transportation integrators :
  • Secure ID integrators :
  • Integrators for the French Police Project :


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