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Optical data capture


COPPERNIC integrates in its mobile solutions the best of breed optical data capture technologies to fit the specific needs of its customers’ applications.

1D barcode scanner: EV15 Imager or SE 955 Laser

These readers allow capture and decoding of 1D barcodes. The reading distance depends on barcode characteristics (density, size) and can go up to 110 cm for the laser scanner and 90 cm for the imager. Based on a CCD technology, it can also read 2D PDF417 and micro PDF barcode symbols.

2D barcode scanner “made by” Honeywell Imaging

The fifth generation of Honeywell Imaging readers are perfectly suited to capture and decode all kinds of 1D and 2D barcodes. The reading distance goes from 5cm to more than 50 cm depending on the barcode size. They integrate the Adaptus™ technology developed by Honeywell that is the most performing in terms of decoding speed and reliability. As they are capable to capture 2D barcodes appearing on the display of mobile phones, these scanners are particularly adapted to e-ticketing applications for the transportation of people sector.

The users that will operate in many different kinds of environment and industry sectors will particularly appreciate the aggressiveness of these readers. To capture the delivery slips of the transportation of goods sector, these readers can also shot pictures with 256 levels of grey and a 742 x 480 pixels resolution.

OCR Readers

To meet some of the secure ID sector requirements, Coppernic may integrate OCR Reader (Optical Character Recognition) into its mobile solutions. These readers will have to quickly and efficiently read and decode MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) lines of many official documents such as ID Cards, passports, visas ... Our OCR readers can also read some specific MRZ (driver licence, foreign documents, etc...)

These readings are compliant to the MRTD standard (Machine Readable Travel Documents) that is accepted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and described into the « 9303 Document » of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

This technology allows an automatic reading of all or some parts of documents and replaces the tedious manual input and its risks of typos.

Thanks to our partnerships with the best vendors (including 3M and Access IS), we offer our customers the best OCR technologies available on the market, integrated in compact readers, very resistant to shocks and vibrations and capable to perfectly operate from - 30°C to 50°C.

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