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Morpho RapID: ID in the palm of your hand

Designed with its users

Developed for and with Safran Security (*), the MorphoRapID™ is a mobile, compact and robust device that optimizes the presence of the police forces in charge of law enforcement by offering them reliable real-time identification. This is a perfect solution to achieve on the spot ID checks, immigration control, border control, suspect identification, etc..

(*) Hardware and software low layers developed by Coppernic, Fingerprint sensor & algorithm as well as application developed by Safran Security.

With a MorphoRapID™ in the hands, no need to get back to the vehicle or to the station for identification of the captured fingerprint or portrait. With its optimal connectivity, the terminal carries out all its tasks right on the spot. It can launch one-to-many searches against its own local watch-list fingerprint database of 180,000 individuals or against distant AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identi?cation System) databases using a large panel of communications networks, including UMTS.

The MorphoRapID™ can withstand harsh outdoor environments. The terminal meets IP65 (protection against dust and water) and resists multiple drops of over 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) on concrete. Its high capacity Li-ion battery provides more than11 hours of autonomy, meaning it can be used during an entire shift.

The successful integration of the best of technological components into the Ikôn, the most powerful and elegant rugged PDA of the market

The MorphoRapID™ uses the most capable and innovative technologies available on the market:

  • The MorphoSmart™ MSO 300 of Safran Security, a forensic quality 500 ppi, wide capture area fingerprint sensor that has been approved by the most demanding organisations across the world (BSI in Germany, FBI in the US)
  • A 2 mega-pixel digital camera with flash
  • A contact ISO 7816 reader and/or a contactless reader ISO 14443 a/b
  • A 2D imager with decoding board is also available to perfectly and quickly read the most complex and dense barcodes
  • Many wireless communication options: Bluetooth, WiFi (option), GSM/GPRS/EDGE but also 3G UMTS/HSDPA that guarantees both the rapidity and the reliability of data exchanges with remote AFIS systems. GPS is also available with the GSM/3G options
  • The Safran Security biometric algorithms recognized as the most powerful of the market, assessed by the NIST as the most interoperable

The MorphoRapID™ product line:

  •  MorphoRapID™ 1100, with digital camera and flash
  •  MorphoRapID™ 1150, adds a 2D imager to the 1100 configuration
  •  MorphoRapID™ 1200, adds contact and contactless readers to the 1100 configuration
  •  MorphoRapID™ 1250, adds a 2D imager to the 1200 configuration

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