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Mobile video collaboration solution

Mobile Video Collaboration Solution

This innovative concept allows workers who are operating on the field to be powerfully connected, through video and voice, to sedentary experts who will be able to help them to make the right decisions and/or to solve complex problems remotely.

The concept 

In front of his PC, the expert will have a clear video vision of the situation and a bi-directional audio communication with the operator who is on the field and thus, he will be able to drive corrective actions by providing his precious advices to the mobile workers.

By remotely adjusting the powerful Optical Zoom and the lighting of the camera from is PC, the expert will be capable to perfectly see and understand « in live » what is happening on the floor and to diagnose most of the problems his colleagues are facing.

By adopting the Mobile Video Collaboration Solution proposed by Coppernic, Companies will have access to a new concept of remote intervention that will benefit from the sharp expertise of THE SPECIALIST without his effective presence on the field.

Indeed, they will offer a better service to their customers and will make substantial savings by avoiding many long, tedious and expensive travels to their best experts who are currently forced to travel to remote sites for interventions that are often benign, short and/or easy to fix. Thus, the ROI of such an acquisition will always be very short.

In addition, this new Mobile Video Collaboration Solution proposed by Coppernic may boost the video conferencing fast growing market. With its connections capabilities to the existing products of the major players of this market, it will allow to bring into the Board rooms where such video conferencing systems are frequently installed the actual “live” views of what is going on into the labs, on the assembly lines or the drilling sites etc…of the Company.

   Targeted business sectors

The Onsight solution is particularly suitable for:

  • High value and/or complex assembly lines (aeronautic, aerospace, automotive)
  • Security and safety services
  • Maintenance centres, repairs and overhaul
  • Maintenance technicians and installers
  • Insurance inspection


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