NAOS : The pocket sized electronic ticket puncher

To meet the most important requirements of the public transportation ticket inspectors, Coppernic has developed a brand new very innovative pocket sized electronic ticket puncher based on the NEO platform. Its mission will be to read with the best possible performance (speed and distance) any type of transport title, no matter if it is a RFID card, a cardboard with magnetic stripe, a or a 2D barcode –printed or directly sent by SMS on the smartphones of the passengers.
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WORKABOUT PRO 3 e-Ticketing

The Workabout Pro 3 (for 3rd generation) is very well known and respected in the professional mobile computing world in general and even more in the mobile e-ticketing sector.
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ORION : The high-end e-Ticketing rugged PDA

Coppernic has designed its high-end e-ticketing solution around the Ikôn platform that is the best, the most elegant rugged PDA while offering the longest battery life of the market.
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