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Meter reading and waste management

Meter Reading and Waste Management

Water, Gas and Electricity Meter reading

A real expertise in technologies dedicated to this sector (Euridis, Coronis…)

Meter reading sector uses some very specific technologies. Thanks to several successful projects in this area, Coppernic teams perfectly master these technologies, like the communication protocol Euridis that manages information transfer between a meter (or controller) and the e-management automaton or the radio technologies Coronis that are dedicated to automatic e- meter reading. This technical expertise allows us to propose solutions that integrate all the technologies and protocols required by this sector.

New requests for mobility

The largest energy distribution company are currently involved in the evolution of their meter reading infrastructures as they want to modernize and automate e-reading operations with M2M (machine to machine) concept. In this regard, Coppernic's mobile devices, capable of integrating all kinds of communication protocols, of connectors and couplers, can be precious tools to assist the field technicians who will have to swap old and new generation of meters and then maintain thousands of the new ones.

Waste management

Collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials

All of these operations are highly regulated. To assist the Companies of this sector, Coppernic offers complete, mounted into the trucks computing solutions that will significantly improve the working conditions of the drivers and provide valuable information to Operations Managers:

  • Organization, planning and optimisation of the missions based on various parameters such as dangerousness of the transported waste materials, difference between the well known location of the collection points and the position of the trucks that are geo-positioned in real time by using an embedded GPS, etc…
  • Retrieving and processing of vehicle data available on the CAN bus and in particular the load on the axles, the mileage, the consumption, etc..., but also the result of on board weighing operations in order to generate a faster and more reliable billing.

Access control to the waste reception centre

Many programs called PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw) have been launched in many Countries to encourage waste minimization.

The goal of these programs is that residents are charged for the collection of municipal solid waste—ordinary household trash—based on the amount they throw away. This creates a direct economic incentive to recycle more and to generate less waste. The citizens are billed proportionnally to the volume and the kind of waste they actually reject. With this incentive system, the local authority expects a significant reduction of the volume of waste they have to deal with while promoting actual ecological behaviours.

To implement such a process with a good reliability level, the waste reception centre will need a mobile access control system capable to accurately record who is effectively on-site and for how long and to associate the individual with the waste he brought to the centre.

Coppernic offers mobile solutions that fully meet the requirements of this new concept with an excellent value for money. They are based on communicating hand-held terminals with integrated RFID (Mifare) and Smartcard dual readers and easy Bluetooth connection to lightweight and robust printers. If needed, we also have a magnetic stripe reader configuration available if the badges to access the centre are still using this type of technology.

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