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Hardware engineering


Mechanical design

Mechanical design at Coppernic

Coppernic takes charge of all the phases of the mechanical design of its products and solutions from the first sketches to the mass production.

We are partnering with some renowned Industrial Designers who are taking care of the whole process - from the CAD to the production of the prototypes that will allow us to validate and modify the original construct.

Then, we select the best-suited technology and location to build the production tools: aluminium or steel injection moulds, lost-wax castings, etc… - Europe or Asia.

Production of the final products is then managed directly by Coppernic.

Exemples of technicals design : the Smartplate, GPS backplate

Electronic design

Electronic design at Coppernic

To complete its mobile solutions, Coppernic is often led to design electronic boards to achieve some specific requirements. In this case, we will integrate dedicated components (chipset) or OEM modules from our best technological partners.

After validating the design through some prototypes, production tools are built and the production of the final products is then managed directly by Coppernic.

All our products are RoHS compliant.

Exemples of electronic design :Smartcard reader, Scanner Splitter Board

Integration and approvals

Integration of solutions

Thanks to its long experience and a real expertise in the development and the deployment of complex systems, the technical Team of Coppernic guarantees a successful and timely integration of the electrical, mechanical and software components of its solutions.

Regulatory certifications

Before its operational deployment, any solution developed by Coppernic will be certified by accredited laboratories and get the CE mark that is mandatory in European Union.

Other kinds of certifications can also be proposed depending on the targeted markets of the product or solution (FCC, Industry Canada, etc…)

Environmental characterization

To guarantee its customers that its mobile solutions will withstand the constraints of their demanding working environment with no issue, Coppernic is capable to characterize the level of resistance of these solutions to external elements such as water, dust, extreme temperatures, salt fog, drops on concrete, shocks, vibrations, etc… Coppernic will operate this type of specific testing campaigns with the precious assistance of some accredited environmental laboratories.

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