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Field maintenance technicians

Field Maintenance Technicians

This industry sector has understood very early and before many others what kind of benefits you can get in terms of productivity and quality of services by using mobile computing solutions. In many areas, fleets of technicians are moving daily on the sites of their customers to maintain, upgrade or repair all kinds of equipments and facilities. Even if their vocation is to be nomadic to ensure the best possible on-site service, they must be able to easily remain connected to the Information Systems of their Company.

Solutions with high technological value

Coppernic's teams have designed and deployed many mobile solutions dedicated to the on-site maintenance sector, in various industries like elevators, large plants of heavy industry, water, gas and electricity production and distribution, office automation, heating and air conditioning installations, etc…

To properly address the requirements of all of these different sectors, we need to have a real expertise in the many different technologies –wireless communication, identification of simple or complex barcodes and/or RFID, specific couplers, digital camera… - we have integrated individually or simultaneously within the mobile communicating products which will be provided to the field technicians.

But the most important for Coppernic is to understand well the generic needs of each and every field maintenance technician, no matter what he does, but also the specific requirements of each particular trades to provide the best suited solution to the nomadic technicians who are working on the field every day. If we succeed, we will provide the technician a truly customized “mobile companion” that will make his working life easier, will make him more efficient and productive and will make the ROI of this solution extremely short.

The main purposes of these mobile solutions:

Mission scheduling and allocation: CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) module of the Company deals in real time with the preventive and curative maintenance operations that need to be done to ensure the best possible service to their customers. Complex algorithms will incorporate many parameters such as routes optimization, skills of the available technicians, terms of the maintenance contracts signed with each customer, etc ... in order to plan the different missions and allocate them to the most appropriate technicians. A bidirectional communication between the central Information System and the technician via its mobile device is essential to take full advantage of such a system as it will be possible, if necessary, to change priority and mission assignment in real time for the benefit of the customer and of the Company.

Achieve the maintenance operations in the best possible conditions : electronic intervention sheets, pre-filled customer contact details, technical drawings and schematics, access to spare parts inventory, etc …

Ensure a perfect traceability of maintenance interventions: historical maintenance statements, real time spare parts stock updating, timestamp and spent time to invoice, etc...

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