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Electronic Identification and access control

Electronic Identification and access control

Control of passports, visas, driving licences, national ID cards

Many governments are currently involved in replacing the existing ID documents by electronic ones that will contain biometric data to make them impossible to counterfeit. Billions of e-ID Documents have been issued around the world and all those e-ID documents have to be authenticated anywhere at anytime. That’s why Coppernic has developed with its partners a large portfolio of rugged and flexible mobile e-ID documents readers. Our mobile e-ID solutions integrate all relevant technologies to validate and authenticate any type of electronic IDentity documents issued by governments or private organizations.

Our rugged mobile e-ID solutions are designed for several types of applications like :

  • Border Control (passports, visas, National ID cards)
  • Law Enforcement (Random ID Checks)
  • Homeland Security
  • Ports ans Airports Security
  • Roadside Identity Control (Drivers Licence)
  • Voter Registration

Worker Credentials (PIV, TWIC, CAC Cards) and Military ID

Ports, Airports, Military sites, Federal and Government sites also secured their access control Policy by giving to all their staff an « employee » ID card enabling them to prove their identity (sometimes using biometric identification) before accessing to any sensitive site. Access Control on these very large sites is often managed through security agents who will have to be equipped with mobile ID cards readers.

Our rugged mobile e-ID solutions are using technologies certified and compliant with the requirements of most Worker Credentials Programs (PIV, TWIC, CAC).

Mobile Access Control, Time & Attendance

Coppernic and its partner Simeio are capable to offer a perfect mobile solution to:

  • Record in real time who is on-site
  • Aid Health and Safety compliance
  • Provide accurate records of who was effectively on-site and for how long. It allows a better appreciation of the actual performance of your employees, suppliers and sub-contractors.

These things are often difficult or impossible to do on remote sites with no fixed telephone line, mains power, …

This solution, connected to a secure web portal provides you with real-time accurate sign-in/sign-out records, captured using a combination of fingerprint scanning, electronic signature and mobile GPS technology. Customisable instant text and email notifications can alert the management to important aspects of site activity, such as to the absence of first aid staff on-site and late sign-in or early sign-out by staff.

The Return On Investment of this solution is very short as its reliability saves labour costs compared to a trust-based manual system and reduces managers’ time spent measuring and controlling labour costs.

The construction sector is particularly interested by this solution as it allows to easily and accurately managing on-site attendance of the many people from various companies who will work on a remote construction site.

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