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Our Customer References

Our Customer References

Main Customers

Since its inception, Coppernic has deployed many mobile computing solutions in several business sectors. Today, more than 3,000 field workers are operating Coppernic solutions every single day.

e-ID sector

  • - deploys MorphoRapIDTM and MorphoCheckTM solutions across the world.
  • - WORKABOUT PRO Mobile ID reader.
  • - “4 in 1” Quatro reader for PC tablets.
  • - PVE project (Electronic Fines) via ATOS ORIGIN: Smartcard reader within WAP3.


Mobile e-ticketing sector

  • - WAPG2, NAOS and ORION in several French and foreign large cities.
  •   - Control mobiles and point-of-sale terminal (POS) in Lille.
  •   - (Brussels transportations) via BizzDev : WAP for nomadic sales agents.
  • - Upgrade of the 2D barcode imagers across the existing devices.
  • - IKôn’s for the ambulance drivers.

Field technician sector

  • - Trash collection trucks with on-board systems on the XPLORE Tablet.
  • - GDMI and MERLIN projects : Data captures on the energy production sites.
  • - Development of a mobile radiation measurement system for the nuclear centrals of EDF.

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