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Coppernic's jobs

Coppernic's Jobs

Experts in integration and development of electronic modules and mechanical parts

After a detailed and concerted analysis of our customer needs in terms of technologies to integrate and add-on to connect to the hardware platforms of their choice, we select together the best solution to fit their requirements. Then, we thoroughly search the products that are available on the market and could be a good answer to our performance and integration constraints. If we can’t find any, then our experts will design and industrialize some fit for purpose add-on modules. Whether standard or specifically developed, these products will then be integrated and tested and at the end, the global solution will be certified.

A significant part of this expertise concerns the industrial conception and the design of plastics parts that are needed to host the complete solution in an ergonomic, aesthetic and functional way. 

Experts in software development

The development of a software application that is dedicated to be operated by 'nomadic' workers and implemented on mobile hardware platforms like hand held devices and PDAs is significantly different from a standard PC software development.

 Based on:

  • Our experience and expertise in addressing professional mobile computing development rules and constraints
  • Our sharp skills in major programming languages and development environments 

We are capable to advise and help our customers and partners to correctly specify their needs by taking into account the many constraints specific to mobility. A detailed functional document, validated by both parts, will precisely define the perimeter of the software development that will be made by us, by the customer or by the partner.

We also support our customers and partners by helping them to integrate SDKs of many vendors and by giving them SDKs developed by Coppernic to facilitate the integration of our solutions into their applications. Specifically and on a case-by-case basis, we can develop software components dedicated to optimise our mobile solutions performance.

Experts in deployment and maintenance of solutions

We are able and we want to support our customers in all the different phases of their mobile projects: from the detailed definition of their needs until the long-term maintenance and support of the hardware and software components of the delivered solution.

When it will have been developed, integrated, tested and qualified, our masterization and logistic departments, specifically suited for multi-site and/or personalized deliveries will organize a smooth roll out of the global solution.

During the warranty period, Coppernic will repair defective equipments and will support the whole solution for free. Afterwards, Coppernic will propose maintenance agreements to ensure the continuity of these services.

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