Our skills

Coppernic recommends, designs, manufactures, tests, operates, rolls out, services and supports «ready to go» communicating mobile computing solutions for its customers. These solutions allow the mobile workers who are operating on the field to improve their performance while raising the value of their job. They are built around some stable and proven hardware and software platforms and integrate the most innovative and adapted data capture and wireless communications technologies to efficiently deal with the multiple, often complex and specific requirements of the targeted business applications.

The purpose of these solutions is to optimize the quality of the captured data and to connect mobile operators with the Information Systems of their Companies or Administration, anytime and anywhere.

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Notre philosophie

Coppernic's goal is to design and offer the most innovative mobile computing solutions in order to perfectly match the specific requirements of the field workers of our customers and partners that are operating in many different professional market sectors. We take up this challenge with passion thanks to a very competent and motivated technical and sales team, both with a large experience deploying high value added configurations for hundreds of small or large customers. The legitimate demands of the key players of the different professional sectors that we target are more and more drastic and it leads us to surpass ourselves every day to develop, install, support and maintain the best possible solutions on the long run, all built on stable, proven and high quality products and integrating a technogical panel always larger and more complex without sacrificing any robustness, ergonomics or aesthetics aspects.

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