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3M Mobile ID Reader

3M™ Mobile ID Reader

Designed in close collaboration with 3M Rochford & Thompson, The 3M™ Mobile ID Reader is the perfect portable data terminal for reading and processing electronic passports and identity documents on the move.

Designed for maximum portability, ease of use and reliability, the 3M Mobile ID Reader is a rugged, versatile, hand-held unit capable of reading and processing OCR and RF chip data from passports, ID cards and other documents presented as proof of identification. In typical operation the 3M Mobile ID Reader would scan passengers’ identity documents and capture their biometric data, verify these against a watch list (either stored locally or accessed via wireless link) and compile a manifest for export to a border control system. The integrated touchscreen and keyboard allows the operator to correct or manually enter data.

Battery operation enables use in any situation - airports, ships, trains, vehicles … anywhere, while on board processing capability allows real-time verification of documents, data and individuals. With a wide range of wireless interface options, integral data storage and optional biometric devices, the 3M Mobile ID Reader is the perfect fit for purpose solution for ID management on the move.

Main technical features:

  • OCR swipe reader for MRZ capture
  • Capacitive UPEK fingerprint sensor
  • e-MRTD chip reader including AA, BAC, EAC
  • 2D & 1D barcode scanner or imager
  • Up to 8GB SD memory card may be used to store watch lists in plain or encrypted format
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless communications

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